The Suit

Picture of a well dressed man in a suit.
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I overheard this conversation the other day which has inspired me to share some helpful tips and tricks to lessen your concern about such a big decision! 

“It’s time, my fiance told me I need to buy the suit.”

“Wonderful, what kind are you looking for?”

“…wait, you mean there are different kinds? I know nothing about suits man! You’ve got to help me, all I wear are my overalls for work, size large.”

“Haha, what do you do?”

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It got me thinking that sometimes things we think are simple are completely deep water for some people, so here are some simple guidelines for buying your first suit.  

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Picture of man wearing suspenders and a bowtie.
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Today in addition to writing an article let’s have a hypothetical debate between two men’s accessories and decide which the superior of the two is. Although this might seem a no brainer for most of us we need to give one of these aforementioned accessories a proper chance to defend itself. By the way we are talking about that beautiful stylish creation of mankind which some women refer to as an eye candy i.e. a belt and an eye sore that went extinct faster than the dodo’s on collective suicide sprees i.e. men’s suspenders. I am sorry I digressed a little and let my personal opinion creep into the debate. So here goes:

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