Five Men’s Summer Style Mistakes

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With summer coming in hot, it’s time to switch up our wardrobes, loosen up, and cool off. But, like any change, summer comes with its own set of style pitfalls. Here’s our list of five of the most common, and how to avoid them.

It’s summer, men! Let’s suit up with style.

1. Sun’s Out Guns Out:

Unless you’re at the beach, a frat boy, or a professional athlete, there’s simply no need to show the world your guns. Don’t wear bro tanks, plain and simple. They look sloppy and young. Instead, opt for a relaxed short-sleeve button down in light linen or cotton. You’ll keep cool and feel sophisticated, and won’t have to worry about switching up your shirts for a casual night out. Don’t be afraid to choose patterned numbers- summer style is lighthearted and fun, so as long as the fit and structure of your shirt are on point, go wild with the print.

2. Baggy Everything:

We know, when it’s hot and sticky out it’s tempting to find relief in a sea of baggy, wrinkled cotton. But you won’t thank yourself when you see photos after the fact. There are ways to keep cool without looking like a shapeless blob or empty burlap sack. If you’re wearing an oversized shirt, choose more fitted pants, and vise-verse. To combat clinging fabric, make sure you’re wearing 100% cotton material or a fabric formatted for moisture wicking. No longer limited to the realm of athletic wear, dry-tech tops now come in a variety of crisp and stylish forms, from plain tees to casual button-downs. If you’re really worried about beating the heat, remember, light colors are always cooler.

3. Flip-Flops/ Thongs/ Jandals:

Whatever you call them, leave them at home. Flip-flops are great– and perfectly acceptable– for walking around your own home or garden. But if you’re leaving the house and care enough about style to be reading this article, for pity’s sake, find a better sandal. Chacos are rugged and sturdy. Birkenstocks are comfy and relaxed. Texas has an outdoorsy-yet-stylish vibe. Better yet, don’t wear sandals! Choose lightweight trainers in dark colors or a crisp pair of boat shoes. Sandals are fine for the beach or a leisurely stroll around town, but that’s about it.

4. Overdressing:

So you don’t want to fall prey to a lack of summer style, and you’re willing to dress to the nines to that end. We applaud you. But be reasonable– you can’t recycle your winter clothing items and expect to be comfortable or look seasonably appropriate. If you have a formal event in the summer, don’t wear your wool suit. Trust us. You’re better off dressing down in a well-fitted dress shirt and slacks than mopping sweat stains off your body the whole evening. It’s great to pursue sartorial perfection year round, but remember; in summer, cool and casual is the name of the game.

5. Short Shorts. Long Shorts.

Anything But Perfect Shorts: This one may seem a bit unfair– after all, who’s to say what a perfect’ short is? Well, we are, and it’s one that’s crisp, tailored, and falls a couple inches above the knee. Anything below the knee is much too long. It will foreshorten your legs and make you look younger. Anything above mid-thigh, well, it’s just too short. We’re all for men showing a little skin, but there’s a limit to everything. Though it may be tempting to get some sun on those pearly white haunches, save the tanning for the beach and make yourself decent when you’re out on the town.

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